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Coaching and Analysing Set Pieces course

Course Introduction

The second course in our Academy is delivered as a series of webinars that provides detailed insight into the intricacies of Set Piece design.

Live online training course delivered by Ted Knutson using StatsBomb industry leading event data and analytics platform, StatsBomb IQ. Topics include:

  • General principals of set piece design
  • Analysis cycles and opposition scouting
  • How to implement set piece design at club level
  • Corners
  • Direct free kicks
  • Indirect/wide free kicks
  • Long throws
  • Set Piece playbooks

StatsBomb Course Instructor

Co-Founder at StatsBomb

Ted Knutson

Ted worked as Head of Player Analytics for Brentford and Midtjylland, and has consulted for multiple Champions League football clubs. His areas of expertise include recruitment, data visualization, and set piece design. A founder of, he has also appeared on Sky, been published by The Guardian and Daily Mirror, and is often consulted as an expert in the application of stats and analytics to football. When he is not working on football, Ted is usually playing football with his son or cooking for the family.


  • Do I need any technical equipment or software to complete this course?

    The webinars are delivered via Zoom. You do not need to install anything before participating, but will need WiFi available throughout each lesson.

  • Do I need to have completed the Introduction course before doing this course?

    We recommend that if you are new or entry level to football analytics that you complete the Introduction course first, but it's not compulsory.

  • My company is paying for the course, can I get an invoice?

    If your company is paying for the course we can arrange an invoice in advance and once payment is received we will provide access to the course. To request an invoice please email including the following details below; Course Required, Business Name, Address and VAT number to be included on the invoice. Please note that we cannot provide B2B invoices retrospectively if not indicated in advance, as payment is processed as a B2C transaction.


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5 star rating

Well designed course with great insights

Marc Kriegl

Very good course and great teaching. Explained well why the 5th phase of a game is so important, yet still very under appreciated. Gave good ideas to explore...

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Very good course and great teaching. Explained well why the 5th phase of a game is so important, yet still very under appreciated. Gave good ideas to explore further and getting people excited to start focusing more on set pieces and draw more attention to detail.

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